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This Is What Opportunity Really Looks Like, Or How To Make Opportunity Knock

Awhile back I wrote that people don’t want to do hard things, as a general rule, so the few that are willing, able or unafraid to endure a bit of hardship are the ones who are going to come out looking like they accomplished something. While it was an excellent thought, I always felt it was in need of some clarification. Here I’ll try to add some context.

There is no doubt that hard work is an essential part of accomplishment, but, because it’s not always fun, it’s usually responsible for putting the “suck” in success. Because the road to achievement isn’t normally paved with marshmallows, the majority of people end up taking a different exit. Hence, a smaller group of people are generally more victorious in terms of advancement compared with the rest of the population.

Enter Ashton Kutcher’s now ubiquitous quote, “Opportunity looks a lot like hard work,” which does a good job of

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